December 1, 2007
Serenic attempted to promote their new range of products at the school of.
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December 1, 2007
Serenic launched their new line of products consisting of whiteboards designed by.
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About Us

Serenic consists of twelve members. We formed our own company under the Young Enterprise programme and with the help of our school, Nonsuch High School for Girls:

Charlotte Liu
Clare Suckling
Innie Lee
Sophie Hesar
Rozy Madge
Sarah Cooper
Ellie Putt
Naomi Mathew
Katie Murray
Gemma Williams
Amelia Tan
Tash Selyah

Young Enterprise is the UKs leading business and enterprise education charity. Their programme encourages us to run a business whereby we must manage all aspects that a real company would do so, including finances, marketing and communication.

We hold meetings during our lunchtimes and after school, giving up a lot of our free time working hard to create a successful and exciting business. We must fundraise ourselves to support our product and during the Spring of 2008 there will be a competition between all the Young Enterprise companies.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the website!