December 1, 2007
Serenic attempted to promote their new range of products at the school of.
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December 1, 2007
Serenic launched their new line of products consisting of whiteboards designed by.
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All the designs are original and designed by ourselves. Below is the variety that we have created so far, with more being generated all the time. If you are interested in ordering a design simply remember its code found directly below the image and go to ‘Our Services’ where you will find an order form. We are also able to add any photos of yours that you may want on a particular design; for more details please see ‘Our Services’ page.

1 – Army Theme Army Theme
2 – Wizard Theme Wizard Theme
3 – Action Hero Theme Action Hero Theme
4 – Football Pitch Theme Football Pitch Theme
5 – Noah’s Ark Theme Noahs Ark Theme
6 – Football Theme Football Theme
7 – Bugs Theme Bugs Theme
8 - Learning Theme Learning Theme
9 – Jellybean Theme Jellybean Theme
10 - Kiwi Theme Kiwi Theme
11 – Beauty Theme Beauty Theme
12 – Princess Theme Princess Theme
13 – Pink Flowers Theme Pink Flowers Theme
14 – Strawberry Fairy Theme Strawberry Fairy Theme
15 – Purple Stars Theme Purple Stars Theme
16 – Purple Flowers Theme Purple Flowers Theme
17 – Pink Stars Theme Pink Stars Theme
18 – Snow Flakes Theme Snow Flakes Theme

Couldn’t find the design you’re looking for? We are always keen to hear feedback from you and also any ideas you may have to improve Serenic. If there’s a design that you would like us to produce or any comments you would like to make, please email us. Our contact details are found in ‘Contact Us’.